Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card Benefits 2021

By | September 4, 2021

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card Benefits 2021 – Axis Bank is one of India’s leading private sector banks offering a range of financial services. The Axis Bank Privilege credit card is an upscale card that offers exclusive shopping and travel benefits to its users. With this credit card, you can get fast and easy credit for your day-to-day needs. Earn points when shopping with your Axis Privilege credit card and trade them out easily for attractive options from a variety of categories such as travel, high-end products and more. It has a flexible rewards exchange plan.

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Features and benefits of Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

Benefits for new users 

Earn 12,500 EDGE Reward Points that can be exchanged for Rs.5,000 vouchers or travel vouchers.

The points are rewarded after the complete payment of the membership fee and the completion of 3 transactions within 60 days following the date of issue of the card.

EDGE Reward Points:

 10 points out of every 200 rupees spent domestically and/or overseas on the credit card.

Milestone Benefits Program: 

Spend Rs 2.50 Lakh in a year and exchange your EDGE reward points earned on coupons or travel* that are worth twice the value.

Yearly Benefits

Earn 3,000 EDGE Reward Points when renewal fees are paid.

Exemption from annual charges for expenses of Rs.2.5 lakh or more in a year.

Free access to the lounge: Obtain 2 free access to the domestic lounge per calendar quarter.

Dining Benefits

Enjoy the delicious cuisines with the Axis Bank PRIVILEGE credit card and enjoy a 20% discount at over 4,000 partner restaurants as part of the Dining Delights program.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Benefit from a 1% fuel surcharge waiver for fuel transactions at any gas station in India. The exemption is valid on card transactions between Rs 400 and Rs 4000 and the maximum exemption from additional charges is capped at Rs 400 per month.

Other Benefits

Take advantage of pre-scheduled experiences with the kind permission of ‘Extraordinary Weekends’ from Axis Bank.

Trades of Rs.2,500 or higher can be converted to easy EMI.

The user obtains aerial accident coverage up to Rs 2.5 crores.

Purchase protective coverage up to Rs 1 lakh.

Credit shield of Rs. 1 lakh

Comprehensive insurance: 

The Premium credit card is backed by insurance coverage. such as air accident cover up to Rs.2,5 crore, purchase cover of Rs.1 lakh, and lost card liability up to Rs.3 lakh.

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Eligibility Criteria for Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card 

If a person wants to apply for an Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card then he/she should complete the following Criteria to get eligible for this card:

  • Applicants who want to apply should be between 18 Years and 70 years of age. 
  • Age limit for an add-on cardholder is fixed over 18 years. 
  • The applicants should have a good credit history/ cibil score.
  • Income of the applicant should be above Rs. 6,00,000 yearly. 
  • He/she should be a resident of India.

Documents Required for Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card 

  • Two passport size photographs
  •  A Signature-bearing national identity proof. 
  • Proof for address verification – Ration card, electricity bill etc. can be submitted
  • Form 16 and the Income Tax Returns Statement and also PAN card of the applicant. 
  • Income Proof such as salary slips/ Employment status documents/ Business details for self employed people. 
  • Salary slip of last 3 months.

Fees and Charges of Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

  • Annual Charges/Joining Fee – Rs. 1500/-  (Annual Fee can be waived off if a customer spends 4 lakhs in a year.)
  • Charges for Cheque bounce  – Rs. 300/-
  • Charges on Cash Withdrawal – 2.5% Charge (minimum Rs. 250/-) on withdrawal amount. 
  • Fee on Cash Transaction – Rs.100/-
  • Interest on Product Finance with Card – 3.4% interest per month (49.36% annually).
  • Charges on Replacement/Reissue of Card – Nil

How to Apply for Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

The Axis Bank Credit Card offers various benefits in  travel and shopping to its users. If you want to apply for this card you can do so in two ways. First one is offline and the second one is online.

In the offline method you have to visit your nearby Axis bank branch, here an executive will help you to apply for this card.    

And in online method you can apply for this card with help of following procedure: 

👉 First of all you have to visit Official website of Axis Bank or you can directly go to the Privilege credit card page with the Apply here link given below.  

👉 Here you have to click on the Apply Now option.

👉 A dialog box will appear that will ask you “Are you an existing Customer of Axis Bank?” You will have to choose a Yes or No option. Like the image given below: 

👉 If you have chose Yes option than it will show you following Page: 

👉 In case you chose No option it will show you following Page: 

👉 You will have to fill in details according to the option you chose. 

👉After successful submission of details and documents, Click on submit button. 

👉After verification of details and cibil score, a bank executive will call you and ask you for some basic information for confirmation. And he/she will also visit your current address for documents collection and Address verification. 

👉 If the verification process goes well you will get your Card with 7 to 10 working days at you current address. 

Pros and Cons of Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card 


Benefits of Milestone and Activation

Annual Fee for Complimentary Airport Lounge Access is Low


There are no free golf lessons available.

The annual interest rate is excessively high.

The Axis Bank Signature Credit Card with Lifestyle Advantages offers approximately Rs. 33,000 in benefits, whilst the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card offers around Rs. 27600 in benefits.

FAQs for Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

Is it possible to waive the annual charge for the Privilege Credit Card with Unlimited Travel Benefits?

Your annual charge for the Privilege Credit Card with Unlimited Travel Benefits will not be waived.

How much is the monthly interest payment on the Privilege Credit Card ?

The Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card  has a monthly interest rate of 3.40 percent.

Is there a fee associated with the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card’s mobile alert transaction and hot listing?

There are no fees associated with the Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card’s mobile alert transaction and hot listing.

Will I be able to get money back on this credit card?

Cash back on purchases is not available with the Axis Bank Privilege credit card.

What is the Axis Bank credit card customer service phone number?

To call Axis Bank’s credit card customer service centre, dial 1-860-419-5555 or 1-860-500-5555.

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