USA Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade – More Than 2 Dozen States To Restrict Abortions After Roe V. Wade Overturned

USA Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade – On Friday, protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court, walked to the streets of major cities, and gathered in town parks to voice their opposition to the high court’s historic decision that repealed the right to an abortion.

In response to the historic Roe v. Wade ruling being overturned after almost 50 years, hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court, carrying banners and chanting “My body, my choice.”

Cities of various sizes, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and New York City, saw similar masses take over the streets and march.

USA Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade
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Abortion is a “tough subject for the Democrats to lose, but they’re trying,” Maher said during his monologue.

“Liberals have claimed for years that “abortion rights are women’s rights” and “if only males could get pregnant, this wouldn’t even be a problem.” Now that’s incorrect “said Maher. Because somewhere there is a trans man who was pregnant, I say good for him and I’ll be looking for his story in a future issue of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” “When the wokey end of the progressive spectrum talks about abortion now, they shy away from that word “women” and preferred terms like “birthing people” or “people who menstruate.”

Arizona abortion protest: Police release tear gas, lawmakers ‘held hostage’ in Senate building

After the U.S. Supreme Court decided to reverse the important abortion case Roe v. Wade, police in Phoenix, Arizona, used tear gas to disperse a sizeable crowd of demonstrators outside the state’s Senate building.

While lawmakers were in the middle of voting on a number of proposals, Republican Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted that “protesters threatened to break the AZ Senate doorway glass.”

Many cities in USA facing protest after USA Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade
Many cities in USA facing protest after USA Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade

Protesters rally on steps of the Supreme Court in DC

Serena Steiner, a 35-year-old legal assistant from Alexandria, Virginia, spoke outside the Supreme Court while crying as she discussed how the ruling would effect her sisters and others all around the country. After hearing about the decision, Steiner texted her sisters, encouraging them to get IUDs and writing, “RIP Roe v. Wade,” she claimed.

She remarked, “I don’t want them pushed to have kids they don’t want to have.”

From Union Station via Washington Square Park, hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of New York, some carrying enormous, vivid green signs that proclaimed, “Overturn Roe? Hell no.” Lower Manhattan was filled with the sounds of the cries “We will rise up” and “Abortion is a human right.”

Protestors on streets after USA Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade
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Similar protesters gathered in Los Angeles to voice their indignation at the choice. Before 8 o’clock in the evening, some demonstrators were seen marching on a significant freeway on local news.

Becca Waite, 34, said, “I was gutted,” as the crowd gathered behind her over loud speakers. The travelling nurse, who has lived in Los Angeles for six years, expressed concern that some Americans in California and other states and cities where abortion is still allowed wouldn’t speak out because they would believe “this isn’t hurting me.”

Women’s lives are in danger, she declared. There are currently areas where access to abortion is scarce, and women are already disproportionately affected.

Members of the Planned Parenthood PAC in Jacksonville, Florida, gathered outside City Hall while holding hands. While some people exhibited stoicism, others had tears in their eyes.

Abbey Vickery, a local reproductive rights activist, said, “Today I woke up holding my breath, rushed for my phone and started scanning my Twitter page constantly.” “I sat in all of the emotions that I already knew were going to come, the same ones that are so familiar to all of us — wounded, afraid, enraged,” the author said after hearing the news.

My body my choice slogan in protestors hand after USA Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade
Photo Credit – Keith Birmingham Photography

Protesters rallied in anger across Tennessee, many of them donning the colour green, which has come to represent the pro-abortion rights campaign.

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Overturned Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday afternoon, thus granting individual states the authority to permit, restrict, or outlaw the procedure as they see right.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona stopped performing all medical and surgical abortions as of June 24. According to AZ Central, seven out of the state’s nine licenced abortion providers immediately stopped performing abortions.

Arizona has conflicting regulations that either outright forbid the operation or restrict it to the first 15 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy. The bill limiting abortions to 15 weeks was enacted by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey in March.

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